Saturday, July 23, 2011

Love is about going all out....



Intepretation (in case you don't read Chinese):

Verse 1:
I often hear that love in this world does not last, that it's impossible to find love that meets no end,
In the secular world, love concerns only with temporal satisfaction, it may shine for awhile, but then fades without a sight.

Verse 2:
But I cling on to the belief that love lasts forever, that since I met You, nothing else matters.
Assured that the indescribable unobtainable love You've shown will blossom and grow without withering through all ages.

Who was the One that suffered all pain and was crucified at the cross,
the One that had the highest and greatest love demonstrated through the nail pieced hands.
The blood that flowed signified His love that was all out for us, a love that never fades.
All that I ask for now is to offer up my life to You, putting all that I have into the palm of Your hands.
I've made the decision to forgo my desires, and hope only for the affirmation that You're pleased with what I've done.

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